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Individuals and families earning $64,000 or less in 2023 may be eligible to have their taxes prepared by an IRS certified volunteer for FREE. Locations throughout the Mid-South are open daily beginning in January and interpreters are available at select sites. Families can maximize their refunds and take full advantage of the Earned Income Tax Credit with this safe, confidential, and FREE service offered in partnership with the IRS.

Free Tax Prep is a service of United Way of the Mid-South and resulted in over $11 million in tax refunds to local families in 2023. In addition, low- and moderate-income people saved an estimated $2.1 million in filing fees. Refunds often return 20% or more of a household’s income, directly impacting individuals’ financial mobility.

United Way of the Mid-South’s Free Tax Prep delivers Financial Stability to Mid-South households. We’ll be back in January 2025 to help individuals and families maximize their refunds. You can volunteer or set up a Free Tax Prep site at your organization.

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Free Tax Prep Logo


United Way of the Mid-South, in cooperation with the Internal Revenue Service, has offered Free Tax Prep to Mid-South families for over 20 years, helping people move toward financial stability by providing safe, secure, and confidential tax preparation and filing services.

This partnership increases awareness and use of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), the nation’s greatest anti-poverty tool. Free Tax Prep provides tax preparation and electronic filing for low to moderate-income individuals and families. The mission of the Free Tax Preparation Initiative is threefold:

  1. Provide a safe and free alternative to paid predatory tax preparation services through VITA,
  2. Promote awareness of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC),
  3. Promote financial literacy and savings.

Free Tax Prep is part of United Way’s Driving the Dream initiative to improve the lives of individuals and families, helping people move from where they are, to where they dream to be.

United Way Free Tax Prep helps people avoid predatory tax refund advance loans, and provides access to information about savings, financial literacy, and healthy financial practices. Last year, United Way Free Tax Prep helped local households file for over $11 million in refunds and ensured over $3.3 million in Earned Income Tax Credits were claimed by local citizens. The average refund was over $1,100.

Site & Filing Information

2023 – 2024 Site Schedule now available. Check here for details or call 2-1-1 to find a location near you.

Site Locations
Filing Information

Click here to view the list of tax services our IRS Certified Volunteer Tax Preparers will be able to provide.

Free Tax Prep is available to low-to-moderate-income households. Eligibility for the 2023 – 2024 tax season is a total household income of $64,000 or less.

The threshold is based on tax year 2023 EITC AGI limits as shown below:

Filing Status Single AGI less than Maximum EITC
3+ Children $56,838 $7,430
2+ Children $52,918 $6,604
1+ Children $46,560 $3,995
No Child $17,640 $600


Filing Status Married Filing Jointly AGI less than Maximum EITC
3+ Children $63,398 $7,430
2+ Children $59,478 $6,604
1+ Children $53,120 $3,995
No Child $24,210 $600


Investment income limit: $11,000

Clients will need to bring the following items to a Free Tax Prep site:

  1. Photo I.D., if filing jointly the spouse’s Photo I.D. is also required
  2. Social Security cards and birth dates, if filing jointly or claiming dependents, the spouse’s and dependents’ Social Security cards must be provided as well
  3. All W-2’s, 1099’s, and information on other income
  4. Information for all deductions/credits, including charitable contributions
  5. Total paid to daycare and provider’s tax I.D. number
  6. Health Insurance 1095 form
  7. Account information for direct deposit
  8. If married filing jointly, both spouses must be present

OPTIONAL: You can download or print the intake packet forms HERE, fill them out the forms at home, and bring them with you to the tax site to limit your wait time. Versión en español disponible aquî.

What our clients are saying about Free Tax Prep:

“I can always come here and know that I will be taken care of. I never have to worry about fraud or being taken advantage of. I love the great customer service and that it is free!” – Deidra P., Memphis, TN

“This is my first year filing as self-employed and I always file at this location. Free Tax Prep has helped me so much. The volunteers answer so many of my questions. They make me feel like all my documents are safe.” – Adrienne M., Collierville, TN

“I’m a widower and can’t afford to pay for tax prep. I have had a good experience with United Way Free Tax Prep. It has lessened my anxiety around tax time.” – Randy J., Millington, TN


United Way of the Mid-South’s Driving The Dream™ is available to help connect you with other services that you may need.


Alternative filing methods that do NOT require going to a Free Tax Prep site.

MyFreeTaxes is a self-filing option.

My Free Taxes: Self-file online for FREE.

Claim thousands of dollars through tax credits you’re owed! We work with you to maximize your refund! File your taxes yourself or, if you earned $64,000 or less, you can opt to have your return prepared for you online. 

MyFreeTaxes helps you file your Federal and State taxes online for FREEClick the MyFreeTaxes icon for more information or to start your return.

GetYourRefund is a virtual volunteer tax preparation option.

Get Your Refund

File for previous years with an IRS-certified tax preparer if you earned $64,000 or less in 2023. Simply upload the required documents and an IRS certified volunteer will prepare and file your tax return for FREE.

An IRS certified volunteer can prepare your tax return virtually. You will need to click the icon, follow the prompts, fill out the intake packet, upload the items mentioned to the system, and respond to any contacts made by the volunteer. This process can be completed via computer, laptop, smartphone, tablets, etc. Please click the icon to utilize this feature.

¿habla español?

Tenemos opciones para ti! Declarar en español, obtener tu máximo reembolso.


Help thousands of individuals and families get the most from their tax returns! You can volunteer and make a dramatic difference for people in poverty. Help people in need to drive their dreams of financial freedom and peace of mind with United Way’s Free Tax Prep program. Imagine assisting a family with three children with nearly $6,660 in tax credits to help escape poverty and make their dreams come true (based on 2020 EITC maximum credit amounts, IRS). United Way Free Tax Prep is helping thousands of households across the Mid-South with less than $64,000 of income, and we need your help!

Volunteer Information

All Volunteers must meet the IRS certification requirements. Volunteers attend a 12 hour training class in Tax Law and Tax Slayer Software or self-study by using the IRS’ Link and Learn Taxes e-learning program.

  • The free training and materials will be provided by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and United Way of the Mid-South.
  • Volunteers are protected under the Volunteer Protection Act of 1997.
  • Volunteers must possess a friendly attitude and adhere to the privacy and confidentiality of taxpayers’ information.
  • United Way ensures that volunteers receive the necessary training to feel confident in their roles.
  • United Way staff provides feedback and support throughout tax season.

The Free Tax Prep program offers several volunteer roles. How would you like to help?

  • Greeters welcome customers, assist with the sign-ins and surveys, and initiate clients through the tax process.

1 IRS Certification Required: Standards of Conduct.

  • Screeners help taxpayers complete our short intake/interview process and assist people with the paperwork they need to meet with a tax preparer.

3 IRS Certification Required: Standards of Conduct, Intake/Interview and Quality Review, and Basic Tax Law

  • Tax Preparers connect people with tax credits and refunds by preparing federal and state tax returns.

3 IRS Certification Required: Standards of Conduct, Intake/Interview and Quality Review, and Advanced Tax Law

3 Optional IRS Certifications: Military, International, and Puerto Rico

  • Quality Reviewers ensure that the taxpayer’s tax return is accurate based on the Intake/Interview Sheet, and the supporting documents provided by the taxpayer.

3 IRS Certification Required: Standards of Conduct, Intake/Interview and Quality Review, and Advanced Tax Law

3 Optional IRS Certifications: Military, International, and Puerto Rico

  • Site Coordinator/Assistant Site Coordinator open and manage a Free Tax Prep site, oversee volunteer personnel, capture results, review returns for accuracy, and work alongside United Way team members and IRS staff.

4 IRS Certification Required: Standards of Conduct, Intake/Interview and Quality Review , Advanced Tax Law, and Site Coordinator

3 Optional IRS Certifications: Military, International, and Puerto Rico

JOIN US! Apply today and begin one of the most rewarding experiences of your life! Click the Volunteer Here button below to get started. 

We look forward to working with you!

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