Saturday, 19 December 2020 — Memphis Commercial Appeal USA TODAY NETWORK – TENNESSEE ~ Dima Amro

The Plough Foundation is granting $5 million to United Way of the Mid-South to provide security for the future of the agency.

The Memphis-based foundation announced Wednesday in a news release it will give its remaining funds to local nonprofit organizations, which included United Way of the Mid-South, a longtime recipient.

The current endowment fund for United Way was established in 1987 by the foundation with a $5 million grant, paid over five years, to support general operational needs and create sustainability, according to the release.

“United Way has been such an iconic and effective supporter of the nonprofit community in Memphis and our region for decades,” said Diane Rudner, chairman of the Plough Foundation board. “Plough Foundation is making this grant with total confidence in United Way of the Mid-South as a trusted steward of the resources of our foundation, which over the 60 years of the foundation’s existence has reflected our long-term mission of doing the greatest good for the greatest number of people.”

Rudner especially praised United Way’s Driving the Dream movement, an effort to help families out of poverty by offering them resources.

Driving the Dream is crucial to families during the COVID-19 pandemic, the release said.

“As a donor-funded, public charitable foundation, the business of United Way of the Mid-South, as all Mid-South nonprofits, has also been severely disrupted by the global impact of the pandemic on the economy,” said Kenneth S. Robinson, president and CEO of United Way of the Mid-South.

“Yet, our board and I are grateful that Plough Foundation looked beyond the temporal nature of the crisis to make another transformational, future-facing investment in our endowment fund; thereby further ensuring a solid operational undergirding for our ongoing work to improve the lives of Mid-Southerners.”

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