United Way of the Mid-South’s Driving The Dream has launched a pilot program in partnership with TennCare Managed Care Organization, Amerigroup and their providers to address the various Social Determinants of Health faced by families in Memphis living in poverty. Many of these families are being disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 and are seeking assistance with employment, childcare, income, utilities and other supports during these unprecedented times. TennCare providers and Driving The Dream have been working together to assess and address the various needs and health concerns these families are struggling to meet. The SDOH pilot program has been very successful so far and the DTD team is excited about this new partnership opportunity to expand our goal of moving families out of generational poverty. 

Driving The Dream is hopeful that his pilot will provide additional opportunities to expand our work with more healthcare providers to serve their patients seeking services through DTD’s Referral Network.