Driving The Dream seeks to further expand its partner network! Our Driving The Dream initiative brings many organizations together so customers can quickly and easily connect to the resources they want and need. Our partner network coordinates with other organizations to create accessible resource networks. We use a “no wrong door approach” that links services across organizations and sectors. 

Community partnerships and word-of-mouth help the Driving The Dream Agency Relationships Team prospect and solicit new partners to close service gaps and provide a more comprehensive network of resources to customers. This push to expand access to services specifically focuses on organizations supporting housing, employment, mental health, and legal. 

If your organization is interested in being part of this movement, or if you know of organizations who should be included, please complete the form on our website https://uwmidsouth.org/driving-the-dream/join/. Additionally, feel free to reach out to the Driving The Dream Team based on your organization’s central focus.

Housing, Transportation, & other Economic Supports, contact Terell.Clayton@uwmidsouth.org

Mental Health and Health & Well-Being, contact Jenna.Richardson@uwmidsouth.org

Legal & Family/Social Supports, contact Karlescia.Brookins@uwmidsouth.org