Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Driving The Dream has adapted and continued to support the Mid-South’s most vulnerable individuals and families. Through collaborative partnerships with 84 network partners, City of Memphis 2-1-1, and Memphis Crisis Center, Driving The Dream has helped more than 1,350 individuals and families reach economic self-sufficiency since March 1, 2021.

The United Way Relief Call Center powered by Driving The Dream officially transitioned its phone operations to Memphis Crisis Center in February 2021. This collaborative effort allowed for greater call volume and assistance for Mid-Southerners. From March 1-June 10, 2021, the United Way Relief Call Center powered by Driving The Dream received nearly 1,800 calls and 34 online requests. A staggering number of the calls and requests for service received were for Credit/Financial Management–callers seeking services through your United Way of the Mid-South’s Free Tax Prep Program. Shelter/Housing assistance was the number two request. 

City of Memphis 2-1-1 also accepted 845 requests for information for services offered by Driving The Dream partner agencies. Again, a huge amount of the calls received in the month of May were for Credit/Financial Management services followed by Shelter/Housing. Some of the other requests include Food & Nutrition, Legal, Mental Health, Parenting, and Healthcare. 

Driving The Dream seeks to expand its vast network of partners, programs, and services. If you are interested in joining the Driving The Dream Referral Partner Network, please visit our website at