When you think of what it means to be a good neighbor, you are probably called back to a story from your childhood of knocking on someone’s door to ask them if you could borrow some sugar. You and your neighbors likely shared a special bond that let you know you could always depend on each other.

On this National Good Neighbor Day, we are highlighting one of our campaign reps who serendipitously started a new friendship with one of our Heights neighbors. 

Phalisha accidentally went the wrong way when leaving United Way of the Mid-South’s office and happened across the community garden run by Miss Judy in the Heights. Phalisha has an affinity for community gardens, especially in low-income neighborhoods, so she decided to stop and learn more. Miss Judy welcomed her and made her tea with herbs harvested directly from the garden. They sat and talked for a while about the importance of this garden in the Heights neighborhood and how Phalisha could help Miss Judy with her work. 

Phalisha sees a connection between nutrition and poverty. She believes that having access to natural, healthy foods as opposed to processed foods can keep you out of the doctor’s office, ultimately reducing the cost of medical bills. 

What started out as a wrong turn ended up being a right turn by connecting Phalisha with a project in our neighborhood where she can align one of her passions with giving back to the community.