Save The Date: Day of Caring Sept. 11, 2015Day of Caring will take place Friday, September 11, 2015. Organizations and nonprofits that want to participate, making the Mid-South an even better place to work and live, are signing up with our new online forms.

Is your organization interested in having employees work as volunteers for Day of Caring? Make sure your volunteer coordinator clicks here to fill out the proper form. (Important Note: individual volunteers in a team should not apply online!)

Is your nonprofit or community organization interested in hosting or creating a Day of Caring worksite for volunteers, where they can provide help? Make sure your work site coordinator clicks here to fill out the proper form.

(Note: All forms must be verified by United Way contact to be considered valid. We attempt to verify all forms within a 48 hour period, with the exception of weekends. Please file all forms by early August, 2015.)