healthy livingAs the Mid-South has entered high heat days of summer, Mayor Mark Luttrell, Jr. and the Shelby County Office of Preparedness are monitoring weather conditions and will continue to alert the public when dangerously high temperatures are present for our area.

United Way of the Mid-South is sharing this information as part of our priority work for healthy living.

Today, Dale Lane, Director of the Shelby County Office of preparedness is alerting the Mid-South that “weather forecasters predict extremely high temperatures for the Shelby County area for the next several days.  Temperatures will be in the upper-90s with heat indexes above 100 degrees. Overnight lows will drop to only between 75 and 80 degrees.

“Air conditioners should be checked for efficiency. Those without air conditioning should visit shopping centers and other public buildings to stay cool.”

“This is a dangerous condition, especially for people who may not have access to air conditioning.  It’s important to check on the elderly and others who live alone. Extra care should also be given to pets to make sure they stay cool and have plenty of water.”

The office advises the wearing of light colored clothing, limiting outdoor activities and drinking plenty of water during the heat wave, which is expected to last for several days.

As always, United Way reminds you to please check in with seniors and other people in vulnerable conditions during times of dangerous weather to see if they have any special needs.

For additional information, call the Shelby County Office of Preparedness at (901) 222-6700.