MidSouthPrioritiesA half-day College Readiness Seminar at Rhodes College on Saturday, October 18 for graduating high school students will help teens prepare for the demands of college and the developmental process that takes place through college life.

The seminar will showcase where students can learn how to complete college entrance and scholarship applications, learn to better prepare for their freshman years and beyond, and have financial stability to better acclimate themselves for college. The seminar includes informative sessions of hearing from current college students during a panel discussion moderated by D.J. Stan Bell.Register Online Now!

To register for the seminar online, click here.

The seminar will also offer student and parent workshops covering topics such as life skills preparations, college admission techniques, financial aid advice, panel discussions for parents and a motivational message from Jeremy Whittaker.

The seminar aims to help students learn to identify and respond to emotional, social and campus related issues relevant to undergraduate students, and to learn to strategically focus on career opportunities for a path to success.

United Way of the Mid-South has identified college/career readiness after high school as one of its top Mid-South priorities. “Far too few of students graduating from Shelby County Schools are testing as ready for the next stage of life – college and/or career,” said Dave Skorupa, United Way VP of Communications. “This seminar is a great help to parents and students so they can be better prepared to make positive decisions during a stage of life that has a direct impact on how much a person will earn for years to come.”

For more information on the College Readiness Seminar, please contact Youth United Way Director Clint Anderson at 901.433.4327 or clint.anderson@uwmidsouth.org.