MidSouthPrioritiesUnited Way of the Mid-South and our network of care take active roles in the work to reduce and eliminate domestic violence in our community. While some small evidence of progress is starting to surface, there is still a great need to address this challenge with the aligned resources of numerous sectors across our region.

As United Way works to increase the number of people trained to prevent domestic violence, strengthens local domestic violence services, and ensures people have access to these services, we also support additional efforts working on the issue.

Mayor A C Wharton announced events on June 25 as part of the "Memphis Says No More" campaign against domestic violence.

Mayor A C Wharton announced events on June 25 as part of the “Memphis Says NO MORE” campaign against domestic violence and sexual assault.

Yesterday, Mayor A C Wharton Jr. announced three local events on Thursday, June 25 which are designed to educate, engage and challenge men to play a leading role in stopping domestic violence and sexual assault in Memphis. The events are part of the launch of the “Memphis Says NO MORE” campaign.

“As leaders of families, faith, civic, social, business, political, professional and all ethnic groups in this great city it is only with our commitment to zero tolerance that we will curb family violence and sex crimes, which are committed mostly by men,” Mayor Wharton said in an official communication.

Last year, more than half of all local violent crime – 56% – was domestic violence. The Memphis Police Department responded to more than 46,000 domestic violence calls in 2013. Adding to the sadness of these statistics is the presence of children who can grow up seeing the behavior as “normal.” 48% of these domestic violence cases took place in homes with children, and studies show children who grow up in homes where domestic violence takes place are more likely to repeat the behavior as adults unless intervention occurs.

The local events take place on Thursday, June 25 at the following times and places:

  • 3:30-5:00 p.m. at The Cannon Center:  “A Community Conversation” with men’s groups regarding the role of men in ending domestic violence and sexual assault.
  • 5:00-5:45 p.m.: “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” from the Cannon Center down Main St. to Beale St. and ending at the FedExForum Plaza. Register at www.MemphisSaysNoMore.com or
  • 6:00 p.m. at FedExForum Plaza: News Conference announcing the official launch of Memphis Says NO MORE