Dr. Robinson (center) talks to visiting agency representatives about the importance of establishing good credit for people all throughout the Mid-South.

Dr. Kenneth S. Robinson (center) speaks with visiting agency representatives about the importance of establishing better credit for Mid-South citizens.

United Way of the Mid-South and the FDIC hosted a “Better Financial Life: Agents of Change” symposium at the United Way offices last Thursday for local nonprofit staff and financial leaders.

United Way President / CEO Dr. Kenneth S. Robinson spoke about the importance of helping more Mid-Southerners secure greater financial self-sufficiency. The attendees are forming a learning community dedicated to exploring resources to help more citizens integrate financial capability strategies into the services already being offered at their agencies. Essentially, the goal is to help nonprofits design thoughtfully-planned services to help families navigate to stronger financial health and well-being.

The symposium featured a new cutting edge toolkit, “Building Financial Capability: A Planning Guide for Integrated Services.” The day-long event also featured a panel discussing credit-building loan products to help clients build (and even rebuild) credit.

Participants took part in a demonstration lab where they learned about helping clients improve credit health, including how to order a free annual credit report, better understand the report, dispute errors and address items in the credit report.

The symposium is a part of United Way’s continuing work to improve income and financial stability across our region.