What is it about the partnership between United Way of the Mid-South and the FamilyWize discount prescription card that makes it so valuable for the Mid-South?

Well, the answer is worth over $2.84 million in saved medical spending for local citizens! The United Way/FamilyWize partnership is proud to announce that over $2,848,000 was saved on more than 184,500 claims last year (total amount through March 2014).


Susan Gilmore

Susan Gilmore, Executive Director for Community Engagement with FamilyWize said that last year was the program’s most successful year.

“Our estimates show that there are 50 billion people that don’t have adequate prescription coverage and our average savings per prescription is $24,” she said.

“That’s $24 people can use so they aren’t having to choose between buying medicine, and purchasing food or putting gas in the car. The $24 is real money in their pocket.”

familywizecard6Research shows that the overwhelming majority of families in the United States face health or financial challenges. The FamilyWize mission of building stronger communities through affordable health and wellness goes hand in hand with United Way’s priorities in strengthening communities and improving health across our region.

FamilyWize prescription cards have helped people in Shelby County receive more than $2.8 million in savings with over 23,000 claims. United Way has helped distribute more than 36,000 cards. Cards are available at most Memphis Public Library locations.

The FamilyWize discount prescription card is FREE to everyone, regardless of income, and is ready for immediate use. You can download and print a card at www.familywize.com or pick one up at a participating library location. There is no paperwork to complete, and you can use the card even if you have a health insurance program. The card is not an insurance policy yet it is accepted nationwide by most pharmacies for many prescriptions that are not covered by insurance (a pharmacy lookup tool is available via the FamilyWize website). If the medication you need is covered by the FamilyWize program, you automatically receive the program’s lower price.

For more information on how you can save using FamilyWize prescription cards, contact Letitia Robertson at 901-433-4314 or e-mail letitia.robertson@uwmidsouth.org .